Mounting Hardware for plaques and signs

New hardware options!

Our standard hardware

is finely milled from solid V2A stainless steel rods. They are built to last and to hold your plaque safely for decades in any environment. a set of three is included in the price of your glass or granite plaque.

Go for Gold!

you may purchace an upgrade to gold-plated hardware. Check it out above!

Sometimes less is more…


Although attractive, holders do not always add aesthetic value. Many designers desire a more minimalistic solution.

We have developed HIDDEN mounting studs, "type "B", which are, for a small fee, cemented to the back side of our granite plaques for a minimalistic look. 


Aluminum and
wooden* plaques…

are all designed to take our Type "B" hardware; 8 mm threads are cut into the back of each plaque. mounting Hardware type "B" is included in the price of these products.

*) Wooden plaques will be available soon!

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