Plaque Hardware

Hardware is included with all glass and stone plaques.

Our standard hardware is milled from solid stainless steel rods. They are built to last – and to hold your plaque safely for decades.

The surface is always brushed.
(Some shop photos show unfinished pieces)
Sign of Green = work in progress).

If you  require a different finish, such as gloss polished,
please contact us.

Sometimes less is more.


Although attractive, the holders do not always add aesthetic value. Many designers desire a more minimalistic solution.

We have developed HIDDEN mounting studs, which are glued/cemented to the back side of the plaque. 

Is it safe? We have tested the fixtures with an additional weight of 100 kg.  You can trust the solidity of German engineering; the plaque will break before the studs separate.


What to order?


The costs for both versions are the same. The mounting is also similar. Please consider the building design and the placement and follow your instinct.

How to order?


Standard hardware is automatically included. For hidden mounts, just leave a note in the comments field. If anything is unclear, I will contact you.

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