Bank transfer details

Beneficiary Name: Sign of Green GmbH

Beneficiary Address: GERMANY, 80997 Munich, Forststr. 4

Beneficiary tax number: UsT-ID  DE305560871

Bank Name: Commerzbank AG

Bank Address: 60261 Frankfurt/Main


IBAN : DE23 7004 0041 0381 4647 00

Reason for the transfer: [Your Invoice number]

Payment terms

At Sign of Green, we make every effort to provide you with the best products, top quality, swift delivery and the lowest prices possible.

Next to credit card prepayment, we offer you post-delivery payment by Invoice. Our business model is based on trust. We appreciate your patronage – and your support as a loyal customer who settles their invoices promptly, within 20 business days.

We want so spend our time and energy with service and creating great products, not running after payments.

The following system encourages good payment ethics:

after 40 days, 60 days and every 20 days thereafter, reminders will be sent.
Each reminder incurs a EUR 10.- late payment fee.

After 90 days, an additional fee of 3% of the total invoice sum including shipping, excluding taxes, will be charged each month.

Sign of Green GmbH
Forststrasse 4, Munich 80997  GERMANY
t:  +49.89.5386 8777

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