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Back painted and blasted LEED Glass Plaque

Back painted and blasted LEED Glass Plaque

At Sign of Green, we love the standard glass plaque, really! But it fails to stand out in many environments, which is a real pity. This fact keeps us striving to develop better display options for you.


This striking variation is a clear glass plaque which has been painted black. This coat is kiln fixed and is guarenteed for decades. The Sandblasting is then reversed on the painted surface.


The result is a beautiful display and excellent contrast even on irregular, busy or difficultly-lit backgrounds!

The front face is polished smooth and thus even less subject to environmental influence. The back sandblasting catches the light even more effectlively; perfect text contrast is combined with a glossy surface and enhanced sandblasting conturing to create – in our opinion – one of our most striking LEED certification displays!



The plaques are

  • Water jet cut, stove-enamell painted, Reverse deep sandblasted, hand-finished
  • Provided with a protective coat which reduces environmental soiling
  • manufactured in Germany
  • 400 mm x 19 mm thick
  • made from about 57% recycled glass


Round brackets shown included (set of 3, brushed stainless steel)

Hidden-mount solutions are not possible for this plaque.


  • Mounting hardware (3 round pins) is included and will be shipped with your plaque. If you require custom hardware (or no hardware), please email us.

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