GOLD-Backed LEED Glass BLOCK 20 x 20 x 10 cm

GOLD-Backed LEED Glass BLOCK 20 x 20 x 10 cm

Our massive, cristal-clear glass block is a stunning addition to any display case – and now available with a Gold or Platinum backing.

This beautiful variation is based on the clear glass plaque, which is backed with genuine precious metal leaf of the highest pureness and visual quality, sandwiched between protective adhesive foil layers.


We have developed this technique together with an artisan from the Bavarian town of Schwabach, which, in the last 500 years, has developed into one of the world-leading centers for gold-beating, a technique developed more than 5000 years ago. We source the precious metals only from a most reputable company with generations of experience and which pays particular attention to environmental care and emission reduction.


Our application technique has been tested in extreme conditions of heat, cold, UV-exposure and wind, and has proven to take the sweet spot in the combination of price, quality, robustness, ecology – and pristine beauty.


After extensive research and testing we have chosen, for the certification levels:

  • PLATINUM – a beautiful, champagne-coloured mixture of platinum and red gold
  • GOLD – genuine yellow gold leaf
  • SILVER – natural silver is not suited to this application. So we have to use genuine white platinum instead. So sorry ;-)
  • CERTIFIED – genuine green gold (a trace of oxidized copper gives the colour)

This product is new and only available at Sign of Green.

• deep sandblasted, hand-finished

• with genuine encased gold or platinum
• made in Germany
• Size: 200mm x 200 x 100 mm

• 10 KG
• made from about 57% recycled glass

  • Standard pieces ship 2-3 weeks after order is placed.

    Shipping times:

    1. Germany  2-3 days,
    2. Rest of Europe 4-5 days,
    3. Outside of Europe 5-14 days.

    We can ship directly to the project site: enter the project's info in the Shipping Address, enter your info in the Billing Address.


    Please note that any import charges such as duties, taxes or clearance fees are the sole responsibility of the importer. Sign of Green cannot estimate or collect any such costs and they are not included in the invoice. Generally, DHL will settle customs and invoice any taxes or fees to you. Customs clearance time in your country can vary.

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