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Taxes and fees

Taxes and fees

DO NOT add this to your cart unless we have requested you to do so!.


With this method, you can pay with credit card witout a valid VAT ID and without retroactive VAT billing.



If you are in Europe:

and do not have a valid Eu-VAT ID, because you are an NPO or are in ES, IR  or one of the other few countries who for reasons mysterious to me, do not automatically regester companies for cross-border transactions: please calculate the total cart sum, including shipping, times 0.19 and add the amount to the product to the cart.


EXAMPLE: for an example plaque which costs EUr 500 you would add the 'product' Taxes to your cart 95 times. On your final tax invoice, this will appear as taxes in the final sum. 


If your are outsitde of Europe:

This is only possible when the taxes are properly calculated beforehand. This is reliable in most countries but completely impossible in others (i.e. india) Plese ONLY USE THIS AFTER CONSULTATION! 



How to use this:

Add the product "Taxes and fees" to your cart. It costs one euro. 

In Checkout, change the amount from "1" to the respective amount,  rounded down to the Euro.

When you update the cart, the proper final sum should be correct. 


Please note: I do not get to keep the money but pass it on to the respective tax office, at my risk that it is correct.


If you have any questions, please contact me.


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