LEED ALUMINUM Plaque ⌀ 40cm

LEED ALUMINUM Plaque ⌀ 40cm

Show your Sign of Green with this stunning plaque. Engraved from 20mm solid AlMg3, decorative grade aluminum sheet material, the plaque is sandblasted, finely brushed and clear coated.


Note the fine details, crip character rendering and precision craftmanship


  • 100% manufactured in Germany
  • Size: 400mm x 20mm
  • Sheet Aluminum is generally about 65% recycled material and is completely recyclable
  • Two versions: gloss polished and fine brushed surfaces. The recessed areas are always sandblasted matt
  • The front is sealed with clear paint


Mounting – three options:

Three 8mm threaded holes are cut into the back and standard 25mm offset mounting hardware is included.  In  addition, standard VESA 10x10 m4 holes are threaded so that you can use any standard monitor holder, for example for desktop display. finally, we offer simple spacers and threaded rods If you prefer to cement the plaque in permanantly or mount it to a removable stone cladding. Just let us know if you have special wishes.


Please note: the gloss polished surface takes two weeks longer and is 200.- more expensive as it is more difficult, costly and time consuming to produce. In our opinion, the brushed aluminum has a more elegant appearance, but we will continue to offer the polished plaques

Other sizes, from 20 to 100cm can be produced upon request. 


Unfortunately, the price of sheet aluminum has doubled in the last year and what we charge for packing and shipping no longer covers the actual costs by far. We see no other option than to raise the price for aluminum plaques. sorry! I hope that things will normalise soon.

  • Aluminum plaques ship in between 4 weeks (brushed) and 6 weeks  (polished)

    Shipping within Germany is 2-3 days, the rest of Europe 3-5 days. Global shipping is generelly 7 - 20 days.

    We can ship directly to the project site. Enter the project's info in the Shipping Address. Enter your information in the Billing Address.

    If you have any special requirements please let us know, we will see what is possible for you.