LEED Extra-Clear Glass Plaque ⌀40cm, including hardware

LEED Extra-Clear Glass Plaque ⌀40cm, including hardware

Just like the standard plaque, but made with clear glass without the green tinge.
(less than 200 ppm iron oxide)

• Cut, deep sandblasted, hand-finished
• a protective coating reduces soiling
• manufactured in Germany
• Size: 400 mm x 19 mm thick
• made from about 57% recycled glass

• Round brackets shown included (set of 3, brushed stainless steel)

• Hidden brackets available upon request (same price)


Glass plaques look best when placed before a uniform, dark background and are well lit. 


  • Mounting hardware (3 round pins) is included and will be shipped with your plaque. If you require custom hardware (or no hardware), please email us.

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