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LEED black glass plaque ⌀40cm

Although the plain glass plaque is the standard LEED certification display, it is not ideal in many lighting situations. Reflection and refraction can greatly reduce the visual impact of this lovely piece, which looks best in fromt of a dark background.


This is why we have developed this plaque in opaque black glass. Without back reflection, it provids much better contrast and detail accentuation when the placement does not have ideal lighting. 


If you have a light colored or textured background and when the rustic appearance of granite plaques does not match your environment, this sleek black glass plaque should suit your needs perfectly.

The thickness of the plaque may vary due to availability of the sheet material. 


• Cut, sandblasted, hand-finished
• 100% manufactured in Germany
• Size: 400 mm  
• made from about 65% recycled glass 
• Round brackets shown included (set of 3, brushed stainless steel)

  • Mounting hardware (3 round pins) is included and will be shipped with your plaque. If you require custom hardware (or no hardware), please email us.

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