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LEED GREEN Granite Plaque ⌀ 40cm, inc. hardware

LEED GREEN Granite Plaque ⌀ 40cm, inc. hardware

Show your Sign of Green with this exclusive LEED granite plaque with a natural green color

• Cut, sandblasted, hand-finished
• 100% manufactured in Germany
• Size: 400mm x 19mm
• Contains regionally-sourced and naturally-abundant granite
• Striking contrast: raised surfaces are polished while recesses maintain the granite's natural rough finish
• Round brackets shown included (set of 3, brushed stainless steel)

How green is it? see the final image with the greycard correction cube. Granite is a natural material and each piece can be different. The green granite shows more variation in color and texture than other types. The appearance will also change with the ambient light. 


  • Mounting hardware (3 round pins) is included and will be shipped with your plaque. If you require custom hardware (or no hardware), please email us.

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