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Mirror-backed LEED Glass Plaque

Mirror-backed LEED Glass Plaque

This striking variation is a glass plaque - choose extra clear or  standard glass (with a green tinge) - which has been given a mirror back by an artisan mirror-maker. 


The result is a beautiful display which is particularly suited to SILVER and PLATINUM certification levels.


The plaques are

  • Water jet cut, reverse Mirrored, deep sandblasted on the front, hand-finished
  • Provided with a protective coat which reduces environmental soiling
  • manufactured in Germany
  • 400 mm x 19 mm thick
  • made from about 57% recycled glass


Round brackets shown included (set of 3, brushed stainless steel)

Hidden-mount solutions are not possible for this plaque.


  • Mounting hardware (3 round pins) is included and will be shipped with your plaque.