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Mounting Hardware "A" GOLD plated

Mounting Hardware "A" GOLD plated

Due to frequent requests, we have developed GOLDEN  holders for our plaques.


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After consultation with our gilding experts and several rounds of prototypes, we decided that gold leaf, while quaint, does not provide the long-term durability that is necessary for all mounting situations.

Our electroplating adds a micron-thin, permanent layer of 24k gold by atomic bond to a milled brass base. These holders look great with any stone or glass plaque and are also suitable for outdoor use.  


Set of three pieces for one plaque


Finely milled from solid brass, these holders have a technical nickel plating layer and are then 24k gold plated.

The specs are the same as the V2A Stainless steel type "A" Hardware:
Ø 25mm

25mm wall offset


Suitable for glass and granite plaques in  40cm and 25cm with 19mm thickness

Suitable for indoor and outdoor mounting, in any environment

Particularly suiting for GOLD certification. These are INCLUDED with our gold-gilt plaques.


Mounting instructions, screws and anchors for most wall types are provided.   

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