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Sign of Green is on holidays 7 - 28 August 2022

While our producers take a break from the craziness of current every-day existence, Sign of Green will also enjoy some downtime, but also take the opportunity to do some overdue work on the website, introduce some new, exciting products and improve our customer service infrastructure! Be ready for new developments when everything ramps up again in September.



We have some products on stock which can ship!

You can pre-order your plaque!

If you have a presentation or some other urgent need, let us know, we will try to find a solution so that you are not empty handed.




Do I have to wait until my certification is confirmed to purchase a plaque?

No! USGBC rules that you may not publicly display a plaque without the certification. For Sign of Green, it it is fine to purchase it in advance and not wait till the last minute! If you are concerned about verification success, we can arrange conditions to return or exchange your product.

Will the website be down?

Maybe Some. We'll try to keep everything up and running as much as possible.

Can I still place orders?

Mostly. Any orders which are entered into the shop will be processed and produced ASAP. As mentioned, if you have any urgent matter, contact us.

Are there dedicated plaques for presentation purposes?

Soon! We are working on a full set of large, generic, ultra-light plaques which can be used for office decoration and for certification presentations. The goal is that they should be portable, decorative, affordable, look GREAT in photos and be ready at any moment for that suddenly appearing CEO. CONTACT US if you are interested in joining the development of this signage-as-a-service product.


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